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Indian POWs in Pakistani Jails

I, Ajmer Singh Randhawa appeal to all veterans, family members of PoWs languished in Pakistani jails please share their pictures and details of their arrests or the information of seen them in Pakistan to me. Please feel free to call me at any time, may be at midnight so that i may add their information on this blog and raise a loud voice --- a burst on deaf ears of Indian politicians and all the three chiefs of Indian forces so that those who are alive, may be brought back with dignity and those who are not, their ashes be brought to merge in holy waters of India with full honor. 

                                  Ajmer Singh Randhawa

To get them free from Pakistani jails shall be my motive of life from now on. 
So please join me. 
Mail me at or call me at 09818610698.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa stays in Delhi and has a number of his family members in UNIFORM. For long, he has been fighting for the cause, which is so very dear to us all.

Too bad that we, as a nation, are insensitive to our citizens in distress. Each time there is an outcry, there is silence or at best promises by the Government/ Establishment, all to set the ground for procrastination, in the adage that "Time is the Best Healer". Yes, memory of BOTH, the people, AND sadly the media too, is poor. 

If we as a mature nation returned the 97000 odd Pak PoWs after the 71 war, should we not have been careful to get ours back? Or we simply don't care at all??????????
Dear Sardar Ajmer Singh Randhawa ji,

For your information please. We, Ex-Servicemen circle, are also concerned about the well being and return of our friends who are languishing in Pakistani jails since 1971.

We, the veterans can do what our people in Uniform have NOT been able to do. Let us awaken the dead conscious and lethargy of the Govt of its duty towards 54 PoW in Pakistani Jails since 1971.

Throwing blame on Govt alone is not correct. What were our Chief(s) and Adjt Generals doing when 95000 Pakistanis were released from Indian camps in 1973-74 and we never bothered to get back our 54? Why NO efforts were made by them to get our boys back? What prevented them to pressurise Govt of the DAY to seek release of these 54 !!!

The latter seems the case, as witnessed in the Saurabh Kalia's case. Fourteen years on and India hasn't moved anywhere on that, despite Paki boasting on You tube about the torture inflicted on him and his patrol members. 

I can already see treaching in Governmental offices that read this. O its not so simple, they would say. Yes, don't we all know that? Defence affairs, Foreign affairs and of course National Prestige are not Simple affairs. BUT these are all essentials. Life is no shadow boxing. We need to get our act together, and work to a plan.

Sadly that is the very thing that does not happen.

I would like to add one more issue for seeing 'effectiveness' of the previous chiefs (IAF included).

OUR PoW’s IN PAKISTANI JAILS SINCE 1965 / 71 OPS - 54 of them !!!

 [ List attached ].

Col. IS Gill.

This subject is NOT raised anywhere in discussions with Pakistan or Human Rights or World Court by our Govt!!! Even if raised at some stage; have we given up these guys!! Why our MPs and Chiefs raise this issue at appropriate forums?

Reply to Dr Kaila by GoI on his request for taking up case of torture of his son, Capt Kalia and 5 men of JAT REGT by Pakistan Army in KARGIL in1999 states "being a bilateral issue, it will be discussed with Pakistan and NOT through any other agency' and what is the result? Even after recent boasting of a PAKISTANI soldier on U Tube about the torture of Capt Kalia and 5 men, we could do nothing of it !! 

How did our people allow themselves to be duped, when we left their 95000 people and did not get back our 54?!! 

Are the Chiefs (all of them irrespective of the color of Uniform) not responsible for this?

Except for their families and immediate friend’s circle; these HEROS have been forgotten and left to die in enemy land; unsung and unrememebered. A list is attached. Some loose groups and individuals like Mr Ajmer Singh Randhawa in Delhi are fighting for the release of these forgotten heros!! I am very thankful to him that he is fighting for OUR cause; which otherwise should have been a NATIONAL CAUSE.

It is actually a NATIONAL SHAME that our people are still with PAKIs after 42 years.

Here is a mail from Dr Simmi Waraich, the daughter of Major SPS Waraich of 15 PUNJAB who is NUMBER ONE in the list. The anguish in her mail can be felt by any Indian, but NOT THE GOVERNMENT machinery.

The mail gives us the information of a 'dummy' Committee for Monitoring Missing Defence Personnel (CMMDP) some years ago. Currently, its chairman is Vice-Admiral Pattanaik.

Copy of mail by daughter of Major Wariach.

Dear All,

We are relatives of the Missing defense persons. Some of the men in the list may have never been prisoners of war but some most likely were. 

On our persistence, the government set up the Committee for Monitoring Missing Defence Personnel (CMMDP) some years ago. Currently, its chairman is Vice-Admiral Pattanaik. The committee has not contacted the affected families so far. Its members meet once in six months. It has not even summoned old war diary records from units or bothered to ask Major Suri's brother for his letter. Why enact a farce of helping the Americans or Bangladeshis find their dead soldiers when we are not even willing to search for our living?

Apart from making annual statements in the Lok Sabha, The govt has done little.  Had the government shown any tenacity, it would not have suffered the ignominy of letting its officers die in a foreign land even as their families know no peace.

The government can redeem itself a little if it takes a cue from countries which have set up similar committees that make all-out efforts, follow each lead, and respect a man who has fought for his country and deserves better than to be left to languish in a foreign land. The US has a POW medal of honour. Defence Minister AK Antony promised us when we returned from the emotionally gruelling trip in 2007 that India would not stop till it gets to the truth.

Some of these men may still be alive. Stranger things have happened.

Please see the following article in the Tribune that I wrote."Time running out for Indian 71 POWs."

Dr Simmi Waraich
D/o Maj SPS Waraich


Any govt of any party may rule in India but why do they fail to get their POWs released from Pak Jails? 

Dear Respected Sir,
I beg to say that am Arshinder pal Singh ward of Prisoners of War 1971 Havildar Dharampal Singh (Army No-3346846) residence of V.P.O Lehra Dhurkot,District Bathinda,Punjab,Pin Code 151111. We knew 6 month ago that my father is alive in Kotlakhpat jail and Attock Qilla (fort) in Pakistan. They continue languished in kotlakpat jail.

We pleaded before Indian as Well as State Government. We held candle March in various district and cities but Government does not gives any response regarding this and does not take any action against it. Now me and my mother are very miserable. I had been already send a letter and mailed to defense minister and Home ministers as well as Human Right also. The NHRC complaint Regn. No. is : 593/19/2/2016. -NHRC, New Delhi. here is no one who will helped us. We Met with Sushma Swaraj and also sent  e-mails and letters to Barak Obama, Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau,  Vladimir Putin, Holland francico, Sikhs for justice, and all world human rights Org. also We have so many evidences of their lives in Pakistan Jail in written form and as well as affidavit by imprisoned of Pakistan jail. My father not alone here. There are so many POWs from Punjab. we will have huge expectations from you.
So now please help us. We shall be very thankful to you.
Please help us.

Your sincerely 

Arshinder pal Singh 

Contact No - +91- 9417181293 

Its very shocking that Mr. Awais Sheikh who was a human rights activist and providing his services to Indian Prisoners in Pakistan is so terrorized in Pakistan by it's agencies that he was compelled to get asylum in Sweeden with his family last month in Sep. 2013. We pray for his good health and safety for his family. His contributions in this regard shall always be remembered and his kind efforts are engraved in golden letters in our hearts. We salute this brave man, our hats off to this brave lonely soldier of humanity in Pakistan.

                                                                Mr. Awais Sheikh

Their imprisonment in Pakistan is ..............                                     A national shame for every Indian.

An emotional letter from a Commanding officer of Indian army which reflect his agony on failure of Indian govt. on release of the Indian POWs languished in Pakistan jails since 1971. What a shame for every Indian, can you feel proud to call you the Indian? If yes where is your might and valor when yu can't get your brothers back in 42 years?

Just read the letter please ..........

Dear Bhaji,
I have been able to dig out some information on the subject, which you may share with your circle. You may leave my details intact, while sharing. 
The unit involved was 15 PUNJAB, a pure SIKH battalion. On Independence of India when state forces joined Indian union, 1 PATIALA INFANTRY was renamed 15 PUNJAB.

In 1971, the unit was commanded by Lt Col Shastri and had Major KJ Singh (he had only one effective arm; half of other one had got blown up 6 months earlier in a grenade explosion. He died defending Hussaniwala and saving Firozepur), Major Waraich (he was taken Prisoner of War - and is reported to be still there in Kot Lakhpat Jail; we left Pakistan's 95000 PoW but failed to get our own 54 !!) and  Captain Hardayal as company commanders. Capt Matharu was the supporting Arty officer for the unit. On the day of attack, Capt Matharu was in Firozepur. He was attending a dinner when the attack came in at the forward troops. He swam across river to reach his position in Major KJ Singh's company as the connecting bridge was under accurate Pakistani arty fire. Major KJ Singh's company defeated a number of attacks by Pakistanis, Capt Matharu provided the fire support and the attacks were repulsed but for the final assault.
It was a very ferocious battle, and Pakistanis (they had more than 6 battalions against two companies of 15 PUNJAB) were unable to make any headway even with repeated attacks. 
Major KJ Singh died, Major Waraich was captured as PoW. Col Shastri was removed from command and the unit did not get even a single bravery award !!!
Two forward companies of 15 PUNJAB were ultimately over run and the area West of Sutlej was occupied by Pakistan. Indian troops on home side had already blown up the bridge even before own troops could pull out or be reinforced for obvious reasons (remember Battle of Sobraon and Sardar Sham Singh Attariwala 1846 !!!).

Pakistani army then removed the Samadhi of S Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev and took the plaque to Lahore. This was displayed prominently in Lahore till their local population rediculed their Army for this act. The plaque and what ever was removed from the memorial was put back at Hussainiwala by Pakistan Army.

I am attaching a file containing photographs of some of our PoWs still in Pakistan custody, about whom our Nation has lost any interest. Major Wariach is one of the PoWs. Only their families and certain close friends are still fighting for their release (42 years after the end of war)
Hope this suffices.

Lt Col Inderjit Singh Gill, Veteran 


AMRITSAR: After getting the sack and unable to make both ends meet, Pankaj Gupta, a resident of Pathankot, decided to run away from his house in 1996. But as the luck would have it, he inadvertently crossed the border and landed in Pak jail.

Pankaj was scheduled to be released in 2009, but he was not so lucky as Pakistani authorities once again put him behind bars following Indo-Pak tension over Mumbai attack.

Anil Gupta, brother of Pankaj, said, "After losing his job, he used to remain upset and after one such tiff, he disappeared from home." In 2009, a letter from Pakistan, raised their hopes as they got to know that Pankaj was alive, though in a hostile country. Anil said Pankaj informed them that he was implicated by Pak police in a false spying case.

Anil has now approached UK-based rights activist and advocate Jas Uppal seeking her help to file petition in Pak court urging his early release.

Jas told TOI over phone from UK on Wednesday, "Gupta was interrogated and tortured by Pakistani authorities for five years, he was lodged in Muzaffarbad prison in Kashmir. He has now been transferred to Hadiala Central Jail in Rawalpindi."

Pakistan has repeatedly been denying the presence of any Indian Prisoners of wars in its jails, but following the release of a Bulandshehar resident, there is fresh proof to establish that at least two Indian Prisoner of 71 war are still incarcerated in Karachi central jail. The news has rekindled hopes of families of Gunner Ram Das Sharma and Sepoy Mangal Singh, as they appeal to the governments of India and Pakistan to release them.

Shrimati Satya Devi w/o sepoy Mangal Singh, disappeared in 1971 war is reported seen in a Pakistani jail by a prisoner who was recently freed and returned India. Her wife is still hopeful of his release and safe return. Whether Pakistani authorities be kind and release him?

Mr Rafi Uddin, an Indian prisoner who was released by the Pakistani authorities on the 30th of September 2012 along with a number of Indian fisherman. Mr Rafi Uddin maintains that he was not a fisherman. It is alleged that Mr Uddin spent 24 years in Kot Lakphat Prison. Mr Uddin maintains that he was 12 years of age (!) when he was arrested by the Pakistani authorities.

Mr Uddin produced a  list drafted by a fellow Indian national unlawfully detained in Pakistan by the name of Mr Kuldip Kumar who has already completed his "sentence" however some six yours on, he continues to remain unlawfully detained in Kot Lakphat Prison, Lahore in Pakistan without an explanation from either the Indian or Pakistani authorities.
This list contains the names of 13 prisoners, 14 including Mr Kuldip Singh. 'Mr Mangal Singh'  and 'Mr Ram Dass'. Following the news report in 'Jag Bani' Amritsar prompted the  respective families of Sepoy Mangal Singh and Sepoy Ram Dass contact Jag Bani.

Sepoy Mangal Singh's family claim that Mr Mangal Singh who's name appears on Mr Kuldip Kumar's list is Sepoy Mangal Singh who was in the Indian Army was captured by the Pakistani army during the Indo-Pak war in 1971.


Let us see whether Arvind Kesriwal raises his voice or not but he has assured me.
My sincere thanks to Shri Arvind Kesriwal on giving me assurance to raise his voice for our unforgotten heroes—the Indian Prisoners of war illegally in custody of Pakistan who are seen on foreign soil which shows a conspiracy with other Muslim Countries to keep our brothers away from Pakistan. That means the Pakistan has no intention to give their whereabouts and refuse to having them in his custody. The mail from Arvind Kesriwal received by me on 18th Oct 2012 is as follows;
On Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 11:20 AM, INDIA Against Corruption <> wrote:
Thanks a lot for the suggestions.We will surely look into the points you have raised. Feel free to share any more ideas that you have. We will be looking forward to regular contribution from your end.
Sorry for delayed response and thanks a lot for your patience. As we have been flooded with emails which we’re trying to sort out this delay was inevitable.


Sepoy Jaspal Singh Indian PoW Captured by the Pakistani Security Forces During the 1970's  is Alive!
The following information provided to me by an Indian national Mr Sukhdev Singh who went to work in Oman on a work visa in May 2010 for two years. Mr Sukhdev returned to India in July 2012. Mr Sukhdev Singh is a carpenter by trade. He informs me that he ended up working in a prison on Masirah Island Oman. Mr Sukhdev Singh's role was to install kitchen and kitchen equipment at the prison.
Mr Sukhdev Singh said he was required to travel from Gala City by ferry/boat to Masirah Island to work at the prison. I understand that this is an isolated island and that the prison houses about 2,5000 prisoners.

Mr Sukhdev Singh said:
1. He was approached by a man named Jaspal Singh who recognised Mr Sukhdev Singh to be a Punjabi. The man confirmed in Punjabi that he was Sepoy Jaspal Singh of Punjab Regiment that he was captured by the Pakistani Army near the Ferozpur border along with 4 more soldiers on the 4th of December 1971. They were all detained in a Pakistani prison between 5-6 years and then transferred to Masirah Island Prison in Oman and some prisoners were transferred to other prisons.
2. Sepoy Jaspal Singh disclosed that there are two other PoWs at Masriah Island Prison. Further the prison is subject to strict surveillance.
3. Sepoy Jaspal Singh confirmed that his wife's name is: Mrs Baljit Kaur. Sepoy Jaspal Singh appealed for help in securing his release and asked Mr Sukhdev Singh to contact his family which he did on his return. 

4. Sepoy Jaspal Singh's son's name is Mr Kamaljit Singh and I have spoken to him. Mr Kamaljit Singh has confirmed his father Mr Jaspal Singh's details and verified that Mr Sukhdev Singh's description of Sepoy Jaspal Singh matches the description of his father. This is further confirmed by Mrs Baljit Kaur the wife of Sepoy Jaspal Singh.

5. This case has been reported to the UN, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

6.  It appears that Pakistan moved the Indian PoWs to different prisons - outside Pakistan and presumably with the agreement of Oman. This is why they have been saying that the Indian PoWs are "not in Pakistan". 

Once the facts of this case have been verified the actions of both Pakistan   and Oman will amount to an act of war and crime against humanity. 

Jas Uppal 

                                                   Major Ashok Kumar Ghosh

Respected Sir,
I am Nilanjana Ghosh, daughter of Maj Ashok Kumar Ghosh, one of the 54 defense personnel who were declared missing in th e1971 Indo-Pak war.
My father's photograph was flashed in the Times magazine dated Dec
1971. I understand from your article on the internet that my father was seen alive by some of the soldiers who were later released. I would be very obliged if you could let me have the address(s) of the people who claim to have seen my father alive, so that I may speak to them personally. I would also be very obliged if you would kindly update me on any other relevant information that you might possess.
Thanking you,
Nilanjana Ghosh
d/o Maj Ashok K Ghosh
cell- 7875643357
Ajmer singh Randhawa.

Surajbhan from Rajsthan still waiting for his brother who crossed unmarked border 44 years ago and arreted by Pakistani authorities.  Today on 09-01-12, the four civil prisoners were released by Pakistan authorities naming Satinder Paul Singh, Sanjit Kumar, Nasim and Sama Yousuf.

Pakistan doesn’t reveal that he has the Indian POWs and other civilians in his custody for the last 40 years or so and why Indian govt. never persue Pakistan to release those unfortunate Indian brothers, is a question which needs to be answered by every Indian. If Pakistan declares, he shall have to give the reason for keeping them in illegal custody, to which Pak  wants to escape so it never declares. It’s alleged that Pakistan release only lunatic and insane people which can’t reveal their identity or have lost their memory. Similarly Indian govt. doesn’t accept those Indians which are now insane and lost their memories in lack of their identity. Is our nation can not afford to bear the expenses to look after few of our Indian brothers released from Pakistan and treat them? Is it not failure of our govt? Why our intelligence is so weak that it couldn’t find out the forgotten Indian POWs in Pakistan? If we could allow thousands of Bagladeshis in 1971 into India, so what if we get back again a few hundred or less? We should accept all those who are released from Pakistan irrespective of their identity. The ethnicity shall itself reveal their identity then why to hesitate?

1971 के युद्ध के दौरान पाकिस्तानी जेल में बंद भारतीय सैनिको की दर्दनाक दास्ताँ पर गुजरात हाई कोर्ट का सराहनीय निर्णय ,,,,,,

***भारतीय युद्धबंदियों के लिए अंतरराष्ट्रीय कोर्ट जाए केंद्र सरकार ***

गुजरात हाई कोर्ट ने शुक्रवार 23-12-11 को केंद्र सरकार को निर्देश दिया कि वह पाकिस्तान द्वारा 1971 के युद्ध में बंदी बनाए गए 54 भारतीय सैनिकों की रिहाई के लिए दो माह के भीतर अंतरराष्ट्रीय अदालत में अपील करे। कार्यवाहक मुख्य न्यायाधीश जस्टिस भास्कर भट्टाचार्य और जेबी पारदीवाला की पीठ ने कहा कि भारतीय युद्धबंदियों को लेकर पाकिस्तान ने शिमला समझौते का उल्लंघन किया। पीठ ने केंद्र सरकार को यह निर्देश भी दिया कि तीन महीने के भीतर सभी 54 युद्धबंदियों के सबसे करीबी परिजन को उनका पूरा वेतन और सेवानिवृत्ति लाभ उपलब्ध कराया जाए। युद्धबंदियों के वापस लौटते ही परिजनों को यह रकम उनके हवाले करनी होगी। हाई कोर्ट ने दिवंगत लेफ्टिनेंट जनरल जगजीत सिंह अरोड़ा की 1999 में दाखिल याचिका पर ये निर्देश जारी किए। अरोड़ा ने पाक जेलों में बंद युद्धबंदियों की रिहाई के लिए केंद्र को निर्देश देने की मांग की थी। याचिका में कहा गया था कि युद्धबंदियों को ड्यूटी पर तैनात सैनिक मानते हुए उनके परिवार को उचित मुआवजा दिया जाए। हाई कोर्ट ने बार-बार नोटिस भेजने के बावजूद दस साल से भी ज्यादा समय तक उचित जवाब न देने पर जनवरी, 2010 में रक्षा मंत्रालय पर दस हजार जुर्माना भी लगाया था। शिमला समझौते के तहत भारत ने सभी पाकिस्तानी युद्धबंदियों को उनके देश भेज दिया था जबकि पाकिस्तान ने 632 भारतीय सैनिक छोड़े थे। 1999 में पता चला कि साबरकांठा के कल्याण राठौड़ और वडोदरा के एन शंकर समेत 54 युद्धबंदी अब भी पाक जेलों में बंद हैं।

Thank you the lone warrior Awais Sheikh, you are a true son born on soil of Punjab who fights the govt. for justice to helpless people irrespectivve of cast, color and nationality.

Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2011 17:16:17 +0500

Surjit Singh S/O Makhan Singh... Today (1st Dec) Justice Manzoor Ahmad Malik heard the casae. Superintendent Central jail submitted repoer and para-wise comments. Notice issued to Secretary Foreign Affairs-Islamabad..Next date fixed for hearing is 20th Dec.

Surjit case-report of Jail Superintendent attached.

Strange...The act of Bureaucracy...Clear example of negligence.. My client Surjit Singh has spent 30 years in jail i.e 5 years more than the awarded sentence because of a piece of paper,the advice , which has not yet received by Superintendent jail.
.Surjit Singh asks questions..Give back my 5 years. ....Court to put responsibility. Compensation ...A poor family was deprived of livelihood in the absence of an earning hand-Surjit- whose son has died in his absence...his daughter's letter will be produced before court on 20th December,the next date of hearing..a heart touching letter...

THIS IS THE AGONEY OF PAK-INDIA RELATIONS. The same is happening across the border.
Oh God..When sanity will prevail.. An other case...Sarabjit Singh who has spent 21 years in same jail.. although FIR does not carry his name ...reminds the story of Indian film VEER ZARA.
 Pak delegation to meet kin of Indian prisoners

PTI | 04:09 PM,Sep 11,2011
Rajkot, Sep 11 (PTI) A four-member delegation from Pakistan, led by former Pakistan Law Minister Iqbal Haider, is scheduled to visit India to meet kin of Indian prisoners languishing in Pakistan jails.The delegation is scheduled to visit India to meet members of fishermen's associations as well as kin of Indian prisoners in Pakistan, including spies, fishermen and prisoners of war (POWs) languishing in Pakistan jails, human rights activist M K Paul told PTI here today.A list of prisoners in India and Pakistan would be exchanged during the visit and the delegation would appeal both the governments to release the prisoners, he added.The four-member delegation also comprises former Pakistan Supreme Court Justice Naseer Aslam Jahaid, Karamat Ali and Mohmmad Ali Shah, both, members of Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum.The delegation will visit Gujarat on September 17 and would be accompanied by Jatin Desai, an activist of fishermen rights from Mumbai. The delegates are expected to stay in Gujarat for nearly two days, visit coastal towns like Diu, Porbandar, and Veraval and meet fishermen and discuss their problems, Paul said."We are going to discuss about the prisoners languishing in jails of both the countries on various charges," Paul said."The visit is an experiment in the larger interest of both the countries for the exchange of prisoners," he said, adding, "These efforts are being undertaken on behalf of the victims' families in India and Pakistan." "We want to create a platform for the exchange of prisoners of both the countries," the activist said.Daljit Kaur, brother of Sarabjit Singh, who is on death row in a Pakistan jail, is also expected to come and meet the delegation, Paul added.

Darshan Singh Patwari ---? In Pakistan prison since 1971 war. He was on duty and went to inspect land at Khemkaran but was abducted and arrested by Pakistani rangers and now revealed that he is lodged in Jail in Pakistan.

No efforts ever made for his quick release and for other unfortunate Indian soldiers and innocent civilians who crossed unmarked border. Shame on India and Pakistan both.
Indian embassy denies to recognize Indian citizen despite having legal passport hence lodged in Pakistan Jail - Kot Lakhpat, Lahore. The most shocking news is received through Media Khalistan that a Sikh youth Jatinder pal singh s/o late Pritam singh is lodged in Kot Lakhpat jail since 2003.

The most shocking news is received through Media Khalistan that a Sikh youth Jatinder pal singh s/o late Pritam singh is lodged in Kot Lakhpat jail since 2003.
He sent a letter and appealed to Chief justice of India Sh. S H Kapadia. He stated that he went to Saudi Arab in 96-97 on a valid Passport no U-227080. In 2003 his father was expired and he wanted to visit India but his request was turned down. Then in fit of anger & his hurt emotions as he wanted to pay his homage to his deceased father, he tried to enter India by road through Pakistan but was arrested. He was punished but his sentence was over two years ago. When he demanded his release from jail, the Pakistan authorities replied him that the Indian govt has not made any official demand for his release though he himself informed the Indian embassy and furnished all the required documents to prove him an Indian but they refused to recognize him.

Since then he is suffering in jail on negilgence by Indian embassy and it's corrupt officials as he is not in a position grease their palms otherwise what could be the reason to refuse him whereas he has produced his valid Passport?
In his letter he has appealed to CJI of India to request his counter part in Pakistan for his immediate release.
Who will help him and many others like him rotting in Pakistan jails?

    Amritsar, Jun 28: 2011. India has released 14 Pakistani prisoners on Tuesday who were lodged in different jails of the country. They were lodged in the jails of Jammu and Kashmir, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Punjab. Relieved at being released, these prisoners who had completed their term behind the bars crossed over to Pakistan.

I hope Pakistan shall also release our Indian prisoners who have completed their term or gone old.


Note:  Our own Indian govt is also responsible for not being sincere to these war prisoners as there is not anyone the son of a Minister or high ups among these unfortunate POWS. The current report is that there are seven officers of RAW also in their custody but there families are not informed. Our govt is also negligent to look after the families of those officials who are arrested there. 

Can the Indian government be prosecuted and be later pursued in a court of law? A human rights activist lawyer had told me that a prima facie case could be set out if the courts feel the government has not been sincere. The case only gets strengthened if there is evidence to back it.

                              BAPU IN PAKISTANI JAIL SINCE 1982;
                    LEFT....When Surjit Singh went to Pakistan in 1971---
                    RIGHT....and on his return in 2012.                                                      

Lahore High Court - Pakistan confirms Surjit Singh in their custody

Another Indian national languished at Kot Lakhpat Prison Lahore Pakistan since 1985 and convicted for alleged 'spying', Surjit Singh (aka "Makhan Singh") son of Sucha Singh from the village Fidda, Kot Krori Kalan, Firozepur Punjab. 
Why the human rights organization do not pay their attention on these helpless prisoners in Pakistani jails? His son Jaswinder Singh is passed away and family is on hand to mouth. Will anyone listen their agony? English translation can be viewed at 

                SUBEDAR AASA SINGH

 “An appeal to President of Pakistan”
     I request the honor’ble President of Pakistan Mr. Zardari that he should also take notice of those unfortunate Indian prisoners of wars who are languished in their jails for the last 40 years or more. Does it adorn Pakistan to keep these innocent POWs behind bars for such a long time? Is Pakistan not committing a crime against the humanity by keeping them in their custody though they might have passed their precious years of lives then the punishment awarded to them? Is he also not guilty to himself if knowingly and deliberately he permits to continue their captivity without any logic? If he is a true ruler, he should issue immediate orders of their release. So what if a formal request of pardon on behalf of Pakistan is made to them? This is real humanity.

The Allah is kind enough upon you and blessed you with power to rule Pakistan but why don’t you b come a historical person to be remembered always in history as a true ruler? Such a historical leader who worked not only for Pakistan but in the interest of whole mankind. Such opportunity is blessed to one in millions, why not you? It needs only to show some courage and will power only. I know it can be proved to crack the hard nuts but of course you can. LET BYGONES BE BYGONES. I, as an Indian Sikh assure you that we Indians shall never raise any question against their captivity, no question shall be asked in this regard instead our whole nation shall be grateful and oblized to you and your nation.

You can realize the troubles of others as you have also faced the troubles in your life. Just imagine of those families who have passed their whole life in a false hope to meet their dearer ones. Could you not fulfill their last wish? You have lost your family members-your own, couldn’t you realize the pain of others who have only hope to see their nearer and dearer in their life? Who else can better feel the pain then you. You only know the pain of losing the dearer in life.

We have our last hopes on you only therefore in the name of Allah I make this humble appeal with folded hands, please be kind and in the name of Allah and humanity—release them. Allah was pleased, Pakistan was created, have mercy on helpless people Allah shall bless more but if cursed by any Godman, Allah shall destroy it. So have fear of Allah.

 wonder how could Indira and then successive govts of India drop this issue of first importance to nation of safe release of Indian POWs in Pakistani Jails ? This shameful incident is the result of sheer negligence to our soldiers who fought for us but abandoned by our govt.

Lt Gen Niazi, Commander of the Pakistani Forces in East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh) signing the surrender document for Lt Gen Jagjit Singh Aurora on Dexember 16, 1971.
Watching the ceremony are Vice Admiral N Krishnan (FOC-in-C Eastern Naval Command), Maj Gen K V Krishna Rao (GOC, 8 Div - Behind the Vice Admiral), Air Marshal H C Dewan (AOC-in-C, Eastern Command) , Lt Gen Sagat Singh (GOC, IV Corps), Maj Gen J F R Jacob (Chief of Staff, Eastern Army Command) and Maj Gen Gandharv Nagra (GOC, 101 Communication Zone).
After the 1971 Indo-Pak War India had 3703 Pakistani Prisoners of War in the West (Punjab-Rajasthan-J & K) and 93007 in the East (Bangla Desh). In addition the Indian Army had occupied 9047 Sq Kilometers of Pak Territory in Punjab with 90 Villages Situated there. Pakistan had 2307 Indian POWs.

After the Shimla Conference of 28 Jun - 3 July 1972, whereas the Pak Territory was vacated by 7 Aug 1972, Pakistani Prisoners of War of the West repatriated on 1 Dec 1972 and of the East by 14 Nov 1974, The Indian Soldiers in West Pakistan were abandoned by the Indira Govt causing endless pain and suffering for their Families.
In April 1999, the Delhi High Court issued a notice to the Centre on a petition before it, seeking the Government to place before the Court a report about the steps taken to trace the 54 defence personnel captured by Pakistan during the 1971 war. The petition, filed by advocate K.L. Sharma, stated "Due to the negligence of the government these brave defence personnel were left unaccounted at the time of the exchange of war prisoners." It accused the authorities of declaring them "presumed dead" without going into the roots of the case (see "Centre gets notice on POWs in Pak," The Tribune, April 23, 1999).
Lieutenant General Jagjit Singh Arora, the 1971 war hero, was in the process of filing a public interest litigation in the Supreme Court. He said that these POWs are neither considered dead, nor alive. If they are to be considered dead, their families should get all the benefits that accrue to families of defence personnel who die in action. If they are considered alive, their families should receive their salaries. However, these families receive only a meagre pension determined by pay-scales applicable in 1971. General Arora says that:

 !) these Indian POWs are on duty and therefore their families should receive salaries and not pensions.

ii) The POWs should receive promotions when due, and retirement at the appropriate age.

iii) Their families should get pensions and other benefits according to present norms (see "Taki Apne Yudhbandi Wapas Aayen," Vishnudutt Sharma, Dainik Jagaran, June 17, 1999).
A petition was filed in the High Court of Gujarat on the same lines and Justice S.K. Keshote, taking this case seriously and looking to the 28 year long correspondence by the families of the armed forces personnel, issued notice to the Central government. In a recent hearing, the judge gave three months' time to the Central Government to take a stand on this matter. The petition was filed by advocate M.K. Paul, the Vice-President of the Missing Defence Personnel Relatives Association.
However, every Indian government in power has only made half-hearted attempts. Morarji Desai had got his external affairs minister Atal Behari Vajpayee to talk with General Zia-ul-Haq, but Vajpayee got into technical details about international ratio.

Sushila Tyagi, mother of Flying Officer Sudhir Tyagi, one of the POWS: “Our story is of a stuff of which only nightmares are made of. Though free, we have virtually lived in hell all these years. But the ruling class of this country could never feel our pain.”

Another person is more cautious. He says, "The only and 'extremely remote' possibility of anyone being alive is that a few may have escaped, been caught, and then forced to convert to Islam. This may have been done out of fear and convenience, or when they turned lunatic. This category may have been spared death. Such information will also never be revealed. These living 'zombies' may then be languishing in prisons, along with thousands of other Pakistani civilian under trials. You must know that close to 80% of all jailed inmates in India and Pakistan are in the 'under-trial' category."
If Sarabjit Singh has already spent more than 20 years in Pakistani prison, then what about our soldiers? Were they tortured? Did they lose their sanity? Their memory? Did they die of hunger? Almost every family has been able to produce some evidence that they did not die during the course of the 13-day Bangladesh War.

SURJIT SINGH of BSF from Faridkot, Bathinda (Punjab) was first declared missing in July 71 and then dead in Sep 72 but afterwards many eye witnesses revealed his presence in Pakistan, then BSF itself raised the issue with it’s counterpart Pakistani Rangers in 2004 as reports were receives from Indian prisoners released from Pakistan that Surjit Singh was seen in Kot Lakhpat Jail. (See the Box in both the picture).
Ansar Burney, Islamabad (28 Apr ,2011),(PTI).
Leading rights activist Ansar Burney today claimed that he had traced an Indian prisoner of war captured during the 1971 war in a jail in Pakistan. Burney said the Indian prisoner named Surjit Singh was arrested in 1971 and his family had been searching for him since then.

Captain Giri Raj Singh who was seen in Pakistani jail by an Indian spy, see his revelation in news cutting below. He was seen along with another Officer wing Commander Gill.

The Indian government would have to look at all possibilities. While the popular theory is that it is merely a political issue, other reasons can also be attributed regarding the missing people. They could be under assumed names, or could have been mistakenly kept back as deranged, or could have been captured a little before the actual outbreak of war, in which case they do not qualify as POWs but as security prisoners or spies. This means that all these categories must be checked.
While Pakistan continues to maintain that there are no Indian prisoners of war in its jails, India believes that there are at least fifty– four. These men if still surviving have little time left for niceties now. They need to be brought home in whatever state they are. Even if there were human rights violations, releasing these men would send a gesture of goodwill and peace. The two governments could in a way make amends for the violations of past regimes. What happened is past, releasing these men could be the harbinger of a new beginning.
Surely, not releasing them because of the fear of international condemnation could be turned into a celebration by admitting that mistakes were made in the past by both countries. It is most likely that these men were kept as spies and not POWs. If any are surviving they could be sent back as such. I went to the Wagah border for the candlelight vigil held on 15th august this year. The vigil is held for peace. I just wonder when the war will finish for these men. When will they return home?

Major Sharanjitpal Singh Waraich's name is number one on the list of 54 POW from the 1971 war. He was born in 1938. He was the oldest of four surviving brothers born to Gurdeep Singh and Harbans Kaur, who belonged to an erstwhile family of landlords form Gujranwala, Pakistan. His father was serving in the Punjab Police. He and Kanwarjit Singh Sandhu were good friends. They were the daredevils of the regiment, 15 Punjab, also known as Patiala regiment, the former regiment of the Maharaja of Patiala, Yadavindra Singh. They were the first to volunteer for forays into the enemy territory whenever required.
Sharanjit's grandfather `s grandfather, at the time in Pakistan had joined the Indian army as Subedar and was part of the raising of 24 Punjab. Their family had converted in the 1700s to Sikhism. His son and grandson later served in the same battalion. His grandson, Sharanjit's grandfather had served with the battalion in the first world war in Turkey and was taken Prisoner of war along with the entire regiment. They were there for 3 years where they worked and whatever they earned was provided to a family where the men were out fighting the war elsewhere. The family gave them food and looked after them. He learnt photography and other arts there along with reading and writing. Ironically it was the same battalion, 24 Punjab, which went to Pakistan when the Indian armies were divided along with the country in 1947, that raided Husainiwala on 3rd December 1971 and caught 15 Punjab on the Indian side unaware capturing the two officers. The same 24 Punjab that three generations of Major Waraich's forefathers had served in that captured him!

The Punjabi daily Ajit, on Dec 2005, the newspaper had carried a front-page news that a human rights delegation comprising Canada-based Indians, which had gone to the Kot Lakhpat Jail near Lahore a couple of years ago, had found that many of the 55 missing Indian soldiers and officers of the 1971 war were still alive and incarcerated in Pakistani jails as prisoners of war (POWS). The report carried the names of 11 of these 55 including that of Assa Singh Nirmal’s husband, and also quoted sources as saying that many of them had died in various Pakistani jails and that their ashes were waiting to be disposed off.
The human rights team which found the POWS in a Pakistani jail was sent by the South Asian Human Rights Commission with Canada-based Shitaldas Kaler and Amrit Rai Singh as members. The duo had gone to Kot Lakhpat Jail in 2003 to visit Sarabjit Singh, an Indian, who had been sentenced to death in Pakistan on spying charges. While the duo was in the jail, its attention was drawn by shouts emanating from a particular barrack of the prison: “We are 1971 POWS. We have been rotting here for the past 35 years. Please get us out of this hell.”

They then found out that 11 of the POWS were lodged in Kot Lakhpat Jail while some were in other Pakistani jails and many had died. Kaler says: “These Indian POWS are living in a miserable condition in Pakistani jails.
Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, Defence Minister, in his statement to Sainik Samachar also admitted in September 2004: ?It is estimated that 17 Army officers, two Junior Commissioned Officers and 19 other ranks (ORs) are currently in Pakistan jails. Two soldiers (ORs) of the Indian Army were declared deserters on September 1999 in the absence of any knowledge of their whereabouts by a court of inquiry. These two soldiers were taken off the deserters list when Pakistan confirmed that they were in their custody. Both these soldiers have since been released by Pakistan on ninth of last month?. This information was also given by Defence Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee in a written reply to Mr. Anand Sharma in Rajya Sabha.
Pakistani government says that there are no Indian prisoners in the Pakistani jails. Here is the legal, lawful, independent, impartial, authentic, documentary evidence from Pakistan, England, America and India, which proves beyond the reasonable doubt that certainly there are Indian prisoners of 1965 and 1971 wars, who have still been painfully languishing in Pakistani jails for the last 40years.
Reliable evidences;
Out of  the 54 who went missing, 22 were pilots. Many of them were reportedly seen by Chuck Yeager, the famous former US Air Force chief, after the war while he was on an assignment in Pakistan. Yeager has mentioned this in his autobiography published in 1984.

Flight Lieutenant Vijay Vasant Tambe 
· In the following years, there was some more corroborative evidence of the presence of some Indian prisoners. Bhogal Ram, who spent eight years in Pakistan on charges of spying and was released in 2000, claims he met Assa in Kot Lakhpat Jail’s interrogation cell. Assa was brought for interrogation there on the charges of trying to smuggle a letter to his family out of the jail. “Assa was very weak and looked worn out due to his long imprisonment. He told me that he was a 1971 Indian POW,” says Ram. Years earlier, Kishorilal, an automobile engineer-turned-spy now based in Ludhiana who had stayed in various Pakistani jails and was released in 1974, says that during his imprisonment in Kot Lakhpat Jail he had also met Flight Lieutenant Vijay Vasant Tambe and Major A.K. Ghosh, two of the 54.
· Maj Ghosh’s Photograph in TIME magazine is proof he was a prisoner. The photograph of Ghosh behind bars had appeared in a December 27, 1971 Time cover story on the 1971 war.
· Maj Ashok Suri’s letter written from Karachi jail in 1975 is proof he was there - and he mentions 20 other officers with him there. The truth should come out.
As for Maj Suri’s letter, the letter says Karachi, not Central Jail, Karachi. SO the possibility is there he was somewhere else. Ashok Suri’s letter begins in a somewhat uncommon way- " Ashok touches they feet to get your benediction" . Looking at his sample from 1970, he starts a the letter in 1970 in a similar way. If he was in Karachi, where was he, if not in the Central jail?
1)- Five Indian pilots were captured alive but Pakistan did not include their names in the list of PoWs at the time of exchange of prisoners as per Shimla Agreement and the Indian government had committed a blunder and forgot to secure their release. Daljit Singh, repatriated on March 4, 1988, said he had seen Flight Lt. Tambay at the Lahore interrogation centre in February 1978. 
1)- A book published in 1980 from Lahore titled Bhutto?Trial and Execution written by Victoria Schofield, a senior BBC London reporter, covering the period of 1978 when Mr. Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, was detained in Kot Lakhpat jail, Lahore (page No. 59) reads: ?(Bhutto?s) cell separated from a barrack area by a 10 foot high wall, did not prevent him from hearing horrific shrieks and screams at midnight from the other side of the wall. One of Bhutto?s lawyers made enquiries amongst the jail staff and ascertained that they were in fact Indian prisoners of war who had been rendered delinquent and mental during the course of the 1971 war.? Fifty odd lunatics were lodged in the ward next to mine. Their screams and shrieks in the dead of night are something I will not forgot,? wrote former Pakistan Prime Minister, Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto, referring to Indian prisoners of war of 1965 and 1971 who were kept in a cell next to his in Kot Lakhpat prison. 
2)- . The name of Major Ashok Suri was mentioned on January 6 and 7, 1972 in Punjabi Darbar programme of Lahore. His father Dr. Ramswaroop Suri of Faridabad had also received three letters from a Karachi jail on 7.12.1974, 26.12.1974 and 16.6.1975 stating that he is in Karachi jail along with 20 other officers.
3)- . Shri Mohanlal Bhaskar of Firozpur, who was in Pakistan jails between 1968 and 1974 and was repatriated on 9.12.1974, wrote a book (I was a spy of India in Pakistan) and gave a signed affidavit to me at Rajkot stating that in fort of Attock, a Pakistani Major Ayaz Ahmed Sipra of Second Punjab Regiment of Pakistan, who was imprisoned for conspiring against Bhutto, spoke to an Indian PoW Mr. Gill of the Indian Air Force and one Captain Singh of the Indian Army as mentioning that there were around 40 POWs of the 1965 and 1971 wars who are languishing in Kot Lakhpat jail and had no chances of release in future.
4)- Mukhtayar Singh, who was repatriated from Pakistan on July 5, 1988, says Captain Giriraj Singh is still lodged in Kot Lakhpat jail. Singh also reportedly saw Captain Kamal Bakshi in Multan jail around 1983. He says Bakshi could be either in Multan jail or Bahawalpur jail. There are numerous other such  eyewitness reports.

5)-  Flight Lt. V.V. Tambay’s name was published in the Pakistan paper Sunday Pakistan Observer on December 5, 1971. It said five Indian pilots were captured alive but Pakistan did not include their names in the list of POWs at the time of exchange of prisoners as per Shimla Agreement and the Indian government had committed a blunder and forgot to secure their release. Daljit Singh, repatriated on March 4, 1988, said he had seen Flight Lt. Tambay at the Lahore interrogation centre in February 1978.
6)- The name of Flying Officer Sudhir Tyagi, whose plane was shot down near Peshawar on December 4, 1971 was announced over Pakistan Radio the next day. Ghulam Hussain S/o Hayat Dutt, who was repatriated from Pakistan on 24.3.1988, said that he had met Flying Officer Tyagi at Shahi Quila, Lahore in 1973.
7)- One of Bhutto’s lawyers made enquiries amongst the jail staff and ascertained that they were in fact Indian prisoners of war, who had been rendered delinquent and mental during the course of the 1971 war. ?Fifty odd lunatics were lodged in the ward next to mine. Their screams and shrieks in the dead of night are something I will not forget?, wrote former Pakistan Prime Minister, Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto, referring to Indian prisoners of war of 1965 and 1971, who were kept in a cell next to his in Kot Lakhpat prison.
 8)- Flt. Lt. Harvinder Singh?s name was announced on 5.12.1971 on Pakistan Radio that he had been captured alive.
9)- Capt. Ravinder Kaura?s name was announced on Lahore Radio on 7.12.1971 during the war time and Mukhtayar Singh, who was repatriated on 5.7.1988, said that Capt. Ravinder Kaura was in Multan jail around 1981 and then later shifted to Kot Lakhpat jail.

Rajesh Kaura believes his brother Ravinder is alive in Pakistan

 10)-  Wing Commander H.S. Gill?s plane was shot down over Badin on 13.12.1971. Pakistan Radio gave news of his captured alive the same day.
11)-  Flt. Lt. Sudhir K. Goswami?s plane was shot down over Sargodha on 5.12.1971 at about 7.00 p.m. The same day at 11.30 p.m. Radio Lahore announced his capture. 
12)-  Maj. SPS Warraich's name was reportedly announced on 5/6th December, 1971 as being captured alive after he and Maj. Kanvaljit Sandhu were captured on 3.12.1971 from the Hussainiwala sector. He was subsequently reportedly seen in Multan jail in January 1972. Again he was seen in 1988 by Mohinder Singh S/o Banka Singh, who was repatriated on 24.3.1988. He says he saw him again in Kot Lakhpat jail in February 1988.
13)- Time magazine of London, dated December 24, 1971, carried a photograph of Indian prisoners behind the bars. The said photograph turned out to be that of Major A.K. Ghosh, who was not returned by Pakistan Govt. with the rest of the POWs.
14)-  2nd Lt. Paras Ram Sharma's father heard his son's particulars being announced on Pak Radio on Jan. 2, 8 and November, 29. L/NK Ram Lal (Retd.) (No. 9071130) of erstwhile 2 JAK Militia after his return from Pakistan said that he had met 2nd Lt. Paras Ram Sharma in Lahore jail for 5 days from 20.4.1973 to 24.4.1973 while awaiting his repatriation to India.
15)-  Balwan Singh, an Indian prisoner who returned home to India on 3.10.1998 after 9 years in Pakistan prisons, claims to have met Indian, PoWs of the 1971 war. He said there were seven jails in which the POWs were rotated. He distinctly remembered one of the POWs as Jagdish Raj who was being kept in Phansi ki Kothi? (Fort of Attock) with other PoWs (L/NK Jagdish Raj figures in the list of 54 PoWs)
16)-  General Chuck Yeager of USA, who was on deputation with the Pakistan Air Force for training Pakistani pilots, has written a book of his role during the Indo-Pak war and has written in his book that he had interviewed about 20 Indian pilots in the Pakistani jails.
17)-  Shri Rooplal Saharia had been in various Pakistani jails for 26 years from 1974 to 2000. He says that there were many Indian prisoners of war languishing in various Pakistani jails.
18)- Shri Bhogal Ram of Kashmir had been in Pakistani jails for about eight years. In the year 1999 he had come to Rajkot to meet me and brief me about what he had seen in the Pakistani jails. Shri Jagsheer Singh and Arif Mohammed, who had returned on 10.8.2004 after five years in Pakistani jails, say that there are many Indian prisoners of war who have become very weak and have been passing very critical and painful life in the Pakistani jails.
19)- Shri Devinder Singh of village Sanbaura, Tehsil-Hira Nagar, District, Kathua, Kashmir, was arrested in Pakistan on December 20, 1989 and returned to India on March 17, 2005 through Wagah Border along with 20 other Indian prisoners. He says that 100 Indian prisoners were languishing in Pakistani jail in a very painful condition. Many of them had become lunatic and insane and had been painfully waiting for their release since 1971 Indo-Pak war. 

20)- Ansar Burney, Islamabad (28 Apr ,2011),(PTI).

Leading rights activist Ansar Burney today claimed that he had traced an Indian prisoner of war captured during the 1971 war in a jail in Pakistan. Burney said the Indian prisoner named Surjit Singh was arrested in 1971 and his family had been searching for him since then.
Thus we request the Pakistani authorities that as all these above stated evidences indicates the presence of these unfortunate Indian soldiers (POWs) in your custody and as it has been a long time to them in your illegal captivity, we humbly request with folded hands to kindly release them. It will be a great service to humanity and praiseworthy to provide an opportunity to the families  of these soldiers who have their all the hopes only on you to connect their lost brothers, fathers and sons with their dearer ones.

Our nation released your 93,000 soldiers who were taken into custody after their surrender in 1971. Couldn’t you be kind to release our remaining 54 soldiers. Allah too hopes of good deeds from his men then why Pakistan behaves like a tyrant nation?  
Once again I request you to be kind and accept my application in your court for their immediate release. Allah may be kind and bless Pakistan.

List of Indian POWs

Prisoner's Name, rank & unit

1. Major SPS Waraich IC-12712 15 Punjab ....Maj. SPS Warraich?s name was reportedly announced on 5/6th December, 1971 (he wrote a letter also to his father in 1975).

2. Major Kanwaljit Singh Sandhu IC-14590 15 Punjab ....SEEN IN PAKISTANI JAIL

3. Lt SM Sabharwal SS-23957 87 Lt Regiment 

4. Capt Ravinder Kaura SS-20095 39 Med Regiment was announced on Lahore   Radio on 7.12.1971

5. Sq Ldr MK Jain 5327-F(P) 

6. Flt Lt Sudhir Kumar Goswami 8956-F(P) .....same day at 11.30 p.m. Radio Lahore announced his capture. 
7. Flying Officer Sudhir Tyagi 10871-F(P) ...... SEEN IN PAKISTANI JAIL
8. Flt Lt Vijay Vasant Tambay 7662 -F(P) ........SEEN IN PAKISTAN JAIL
9. Flt Lt Nagaswami Shanker 9773-F(P) 
10. Sq Ldr PN Malhotra 
11. Flt Lt SK Chibber 
12. Capt GR Singh IC-23283 5 Assam .........SEEN IN PAKISTAN JAIL
13. Capt OP Dalal SS-22536 Grenadiers 
14. Maj AK Ghosh IC-18790 15 Rajput .........SEEN IN PAKISTAN JAIL
15. Maj AK Suri SS-19807 5 Assam     ........SEEN IN PAKISTANI JAIL
16. Capt KS Rathod IC23148 5Assam
17. Flt Lt Ram Metharam Advani 7812-F(P) 
18. Flt Lt Manohar Purohit 10249(N) 5 Squadron 
19. Flt Lt Tanmaya Singh Dandoss 8160-F(P) 
20. Wg Cdr Harsharan Singh Gill 4657-F(P) ....SEEN IN PAKISTAN JAIL & Pakistan Radio gave news of his captured alive the same day.
21. Flt Lt Babul Guha 5105-F(P) 
22. Flt Lt Suresh Chander Sandal 8659-F(P) 
23. Major JS Malik IC-14457 8 Raj. Rifles 
24. Major SC Guleri IC-20230 9 Jat 
25. 2nd Lt VK Azad IC-58589 1/9 G R 
26. 2nd Lt JalManeckshaw Mistry 5006-F(P) 
27. Capt Kamal Bakshi IC-19294 5 Sikh ....SEEN IN PAKISTANI JAIL
28. Flt Lt Harvinder Singh 9441-F(P) ....HIS ARREST WAS CONFIRMED BY PAKISTAN RADIO on 5.12.1971
29. Sqn Ldr Jatinder Das Kumar 4896-F(P) 
30. Flt Lt LM Sassoon 7419-F(P) 
31. Flt Lt Kushal Pal Singh Nanda 781N-F(N) 

32. Flying Officer Krishan Lakhimal Malkani 10576-F(P) 

33. Flt Lt Ashok Balwant Dhavale 9030-F(P) 

34. Flt Lt L Shrikant Chanderkant Mahajan 10239-F(P) 

35. 2nd Lt PR Sharma SS-22490 5/8 G R ....SEEN IN PAKISTANI JAIL

36. Flt Lt Gurudev Singh Rai 9015-F(P) 

37. Flt Lt RS Kadam 8404-F(P) 

38. Flying Officer KP Murlidharan 10575-F(P) 

39. Capt DS Jamwal 81 Field Regiment 

40. Capt Washisht Nath Attock 
41. Lt H Krishna Lal 13719585 1 JK Rifles 
42. Naval Pilot Commanding Officer A Roy 
43. Sqn Ldr Devaprasad Chatterjee 
44. Subedar Assa Singh JC-41339 5 Sikh ......SEEN IN PAKISTANI JAIL
45. Subedar Kalidas JC-59 8 JK 
46. L/Nk Jagdish Lal 9208735 Mahaar Regiment ...SEEN IN PAKISTANI JAIL
47. Naik Hazoora Singh 682211303 
48. Gunner Sujan Singh 1146819 14 FD Regiment 
49. Sepoy Daler Singh 2461830 15 Punjab 
50. Sepoy Pal Singh 1239603 181 Lt Regiment ...SEEN IN PAKISTANI JAIL
51. Sepoy Jagir Singh 2459067 16 Punjab 
52. Officer TS Sethi 
53. Gunner Madan Mohan 1157419 94 Mountain Regiment 
54. Gunner Gyan Chand 

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